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Welcome to the Longhorn Interactive Future Excogitator. The University of Texas admits thousands of new students every year. The goal of LIFE is to help new students pick out which major is right for them.

About the Team

... is a software engineering team of six University of Texas Computer Science students. Priding themselves on stylistic and simple front-end design, Git a Grep is dedicated to providing manageable, aesthetically pleasing and intuitively functional products.

Team Members

Frank Cerasoli

Jared Hettinger

Calvin Lau

Ed Lee

Paul Steiner

Cody Yong

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PythonAnywhere / Python / Django / MySQL / Bootstrap / HTML5 / CSS3


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Interested in Other Degrees?

The Graph Research Lab in UT's Computer Science department has been doing breakthrough research about the relationships of cards in the popular Magic: the Gathering card game. What they have discovered is truly breathtaking. It appears that every card in Magic: the Gathering is within six degrees of separation from a powerful card known as Kevin Bacon. The theorem has yet to be proven, but the current data is available here online.